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Week 9 NFL

Week 9 NFL

Housekeeping below:

Week 8 Premium Plays: 1-3-1 (-4 units)

Week 8 Leans: 1-1-1 (even)

Week 7 Premium Plays: 3-1 (+2 units)

Week 7 Leans: 0-1 (-0.5 units)

Week 6 Premium Plays: 2-2 (even)

Week 6 Leans: 1-2 (-0.5 units)

Overall Premium Play Record: 18-11-1 (+13 units)

Overall Leans Record: 8-13-1 (-2.5 units)

Combined Overall Record: 26-24-2 (+10.5 units)

Week 8 Summary: I thought the tide was going to start turning and Vegas was going to bury the public… Turns out Vegas just buried me. Looking to get back on track here.

Week 9 Preview: Week of the hook. 2.5 - 3.5 point spreads everywhere you look. This is one of the most vile slates I have seen in a long time. We may have to get creative here.

Week 9 Premium Plays:

Miami Dolphins ML (2 units): Vic Fangio finally has the defensive personnel he was promised. Ramsey and X line it up together for the first time this year and the word on the street is Ramsey is playing man on Kelce. So the Chiefs only offensive weapon is out the window. Chiefs defense is not good enough to keep the dolphins from getting their nut and their offense is not good enough to keep pace. I also am a believer in the time difference playing a huge factor. Dolphins flew over to Germany on Monday and the Chiefs flew over Thursday afternoon. I think the Dolphins jump out to an early lead and don’t let up. Fins 31-20.

Bears/Saints over 41.5 (1 unit): Fields is not dressing for this one but the Chicago defense can’t stop a nose bleed. Saints are desperate to get a feel good win and I think they take out some anger on the Chicago Bears. In the dome so we don’t have to worry about the weather here. I look to Carr to go vintage here and toss for 350 and 4 TD’s. Saints go marching, 34-13.

Ravens -6 (1 unit): Extremely fishy line here but I think we see shades of Baltimore/Detroit in this one resulting in a Ravens double digit win. NFC teams have struggled against Lamar and I think the trend continues here. Bob when they weave situation here. Also do not hate the over here. Ravens win 34-24.

Colts/Panthers over 43.5 (1 unit): Neither team loves to play defense. Carolina is going to try and take the training wheels off Young while Indianapolis has a certified gun slinger under center in Minshew. Pittman and Thielen going to combine for 300 yards. This one is a track meet.

Leans (0.5 units each):

Miami Dolphins 1H M (1 unit): Reference Bills/Jags and the above. Chiefs will be asleep for the first half.

Michael Pittman over 5.5 Receptions: Minshew loves him. 6-3 on the season at this number. Terrible panthers defense

Adam Thielen over 6.5 Receptions: 8, 11, 11, 7, 11, 7. Last 6.

Bucs/Texans 3 unanswered scores – No: Should be in the +150-+185 range.

Commies/Pats 3 unanswered scores – No: see above

Raiders/Giants 3 unanswered scores – No: see above




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