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Week 8 College Football

State of the Union: Not great. Didn't have the motivation this week. Losing my love for the game. Going to be a quick one here because I'm working from my phone here. The haters are going to have to wait until next week to see totaled record but I think I got blanked.

Getting right in to it here.

Week 8 Premium Plays:

USC -7 (2 units): Bounce back game here for Caleb Williams and USC. Utah is somehow a larger fraud than USC. I don't see how an inept Utah offense keeps pace with USC. Little bit of a fishy line I think in part to Kyle Whittingham not knowing who he's sending out at QB.

Florida State -14 (2 units): Ask yourself, what does Vegas want us to take here? Publicly doubted Florida State, good Duke defense, Riley Leonard making his return, spread bouncing between 14 and 14.5.... Vegas is begging the public to hit Duke in my opinion. The last time we saw this trick by Vegas was when Kentucky had the same advantage visiting Georgia. Didn't end well for Kentucky backers (me). I think Florida State handles Duke easily, 38-14.

Michigan -24.5 (1 unit): Do not care this is a rivalry game on the road for Michigan. Michigan is going to do everything in their power to embarrass the Spartans tonight. The Jim Harbaugh Special: if he can beat the breaks off them, he will. We may see a slow start but Michigan runs it up late 51-20.

Alabama/Tennessee under 48 (1 unit): Both teams have shown their ability to put up points on offense, however, I think Bama drags Tennessee in to a slow moving defensive battle. Two QBs who have shown their inability to move the ball down the field. Busy day for the punters today. Alabama rolls 24-13.

Leans (0.5 units each):

Air Force -10: best GO5 team. Battle of the triple option. Chair force runs it better.

Wisco -3: Back to the well here even. Luke Altmyer got one back on us last week. No way he makes it 2 in a row

Northwestern +10.5: Back to back principle picks fading Illinois and Nebraska. Nebraska shouldn't be laying 10 to anyone. Northwestern keeps it between the number.

Mizzou -7: Back breaking loss for SCar last week. If Mizzou is any good they take care of business at home.

Regularly scheduled programming back next week.

All My Best,

Bill Tickets

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