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Week 6 NFL

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

NFL Week 6

Week 5 Premium Play Record: 4-0 (+8 units)

Week 5 Leans Record: 2-3 (-0.5 units)

Overall Premium Play Record: 12-5 (+15 units)

Overall Leans Record: 6-9 (-2.5 units)

Combined Overall Record: 18-16 (+17.5 units)

Week 5 Summary: Premium plays have been pumping lately sending Billy tickets and my loyal 3 followers high stepping in to this week. The boys needed it because we got absolutely steam rolled in college. London Jaguars never a doubt, Bengals never a doubt, Dolphins never a doubt, Steelers…definitely gaveus a couple reasons to doubt. Fins are going to beat bad teams any day of the week. Also, after Sunday night I think I am ready to slap the ‘f-word’ on America’s team. Haven’t done anything impressive this year.

Week 6 Preview: I remain humble…. Cautiously optimistic about this slate…

Week 6 Premium Plays:

Bengals -3 (2 units): Ride the (getting) hot hand. I think Joe Cool has his legs under him and continues to improve week in and week out. Seahawks aren’t exactly sneaking up on anyone like they did last season and look to have taken a step back this year. Weird matchup from a strength and weakness aspect here as the Seahawks are going to lean on the run against a Bengals run defense that has struggled. On the other side, the Bengals are going to look to take control of this one through the air against a Seahawks defense allowing over 3oo yards to opponents. Seahawks are going to try and pace this one but I think the resurging Bengals are too much to handle. 31-20 Jungle Cats

Dolphins -14 (2 units): I don’t think Vegas could put out a high enough number for this one that would make me consider taking the Panthers. Fins have a potential look ahead game here to the Eagles but I do not see a situation where Bryce Young can keep pace.

Niners -9.5 (2 units): Deshaun Watson: Out. Browns defense good enough o keep them in it but I think it gets away from DTR late in the first quarter.

Updated 11:41am, Sunday

Colts +4 (2 units): Am i chasing an abysmal Saturday? Yes. Had an epiphany from tha suns this morning as I was getting slow roasted medium rare at 185 degrees farenheit. Jags coming back from a two week stay across the pond. Their internal clock is going to be all jacked up. Gardner Minshew revenge game. JT hopefully taking a little more of the work load. Colts have been sneaky good. I like the Colts to keep it between the number here and maybe even win outright.


Leans (0.5 units each):

Bucs +3: This line is fishy. Lions garnering a lot of excitement that has really just been carrying over from their week 1 win over the Chiefs.

Eagles -6: Going to be a blowout.

Raiders -3: Josh McDaniels career is a failure if he doesn’t win this game.



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