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Week 4 NFL

Week 4 NFL

Knocking NFL out first this week. Don’t think I have totaled NFL picks up yet. Would never cheat my loyal followers so I will keep the record honest here.

Premium Plays: 5-4 (+4 units)

Leans: 3-5 (-1 unit)

Back on track. 2 and 3 unit premium plays are as good as a blank check at this point. Chomping at the bit to get to CFB so I am going to keep this short. Love the slate this week.

Week 4 Picks:

Vikings -4 (2 units): Love love love the Vikings here. I would prefer Tua 2.0 over the Red Rocket but I am really fine with either. Vikings have battled the Charges, Eagles, and surprise Bucs while the Panthers have struggled against the Seahawks, Saints, and Falcons. Kirk Cousins time in Minnesota is hinged on this singular game. If the Vikings start out 0-4 we will see him dressed in Forrest Green by the end of the season. Not much to discuss here: these teams are not in the same stratosphere.

Jaguars -3 (2 units): These guys are one Trevor Lawrence blown knee from moving the franchise to the UK. London Jaguars are going to own up to their preseason hype Sunday morning in London. Tea and Crumpets flowing. Falcons just aren’t good and I am still a believer in the Jags. I don’t love how the Jags have been playing so far but I think the right the ship across the pond.

Dolphins +2.5 (2 units): Two AFC heavyweights take the stage in Orchard Park. Mike McDaniels has the dolphins looking their best since 2008 and I love it. Fangio defense aging like a fine wine getting better and better each week. Unbiased opinion: Bills are an absolute mortal lock. Do not matter. Fins win this they are an absolute runaway wagon and I will be selling partial ownership in my Fins Super Bowl and Tua MVP tickets. Hit my line. Fins win 31-30.

Chargers -5 (1 unit): I went back and forth on putting this below in the leans section because of the number but I think last week unlocked unclo Mo (mentum) for the Chargers. LV is a bomb waiting to blow. I would not be surprised to see that team fall apart prior to the trade deadline. QB: advantage chargers, coach: advantage chargers, WR: advantage chargers, Defense: advantage chargers, Kicker: advantage chargers. Any way you dice it, the Chargers skullfuck the raiders. 31-9.


Leans (0.5 units each):

Cowboys -6: Patriots suck.

Saints -3.5: Jameis revenge game.

Bears/Broncos under 46: Denver Broncos vs Chicago Bears. Read the teams again. Think about it. Deep breath. Do you really think the Broncos and the Bears combine for more than 46 points? No. This game is going to make a Iowa vs Wisconsin game look like a track meet.

Chiefs -8.5: Jets locker room is a powder keg. Certainly have not seen the best Chiefs team yet.


I think that covers every game on the slate. Love it.




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