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Week 3 College Football

Week 3 College Football

Week 2 Summary

Premium Play Record: 2-1 (+2 Units)

The Friday lunch beers led me astray for possibly the first time ever with the addition of FAU tarnishing a perfect opening weekend. Kansas and ND will be regulars in the premium plays section moving forward.

Leans: 4-3 (+0.5 Units)

Walked right in to the Colorado/Nebraska Vegas reverse trap. Don’t care what the line for Oregon/Colorado is but we will be on Oregon.

Premium Play Overall Record: 12-5

Leans Overall Record: 4-3

Combined Record: 16-8

Week 2 Highlights: Jeff Sims absolutely blows at football. Clemson’s offense blows. Georgia isn’t that good. Kansas State’s offense hums. Miami has an 8-4 season on their hands. Pitt took an absolute cock shot losing to Cincy at home. Bama brass is picking out a plot of land to bury Saban at. On to Week 3.

Week 3 Premium Plays:

Penn State -14.5 (2 units): I don’t even know where to start with this one. People are nipping at my heels about laying the two TD hook here. I don’t think it matters. This is a 4 score game. Penn State getting to flex their muscles against a conference opponent. I think Penn State delivers the knock out punch late in the first quarter. Illinois game at Kansas last week is deceiving on the stat sheet. This was a 3 score game late in the 3rd quarter. Any chance I get to bet against Luke Altmyer (or Jeff Sims), I take it. No hesitation. Penn State 45-17.

Florida State -24.5 (2 units): Boston College breaking out their ‘Red Bandana’ uniforms for the Noles has all the makings of a reality check for Florida State. Check to make sure you still have 2 stones dangling between your legs and hit this puppy for 5 units (not official advice). Line moved from 26.5 due to this hurricane moving north that is supposed to be sitting on top of Alumni Stadium Saturday morning at 8am. HOWEVER, I have it on good authority it will be sunny and 65 come game time. This one won’t be close. BC has a OT loss to NIU and a dog fight with Holy Cross under their belt. I would take Florida State’s prior opponent, Southern Miss, by two scores over BC. This one could get ugly. 59-24. Fuck your uniforms.

Kansas State -4 (1 unit): My loyal followers for the last 7 days know I am high on Kansas State this year. I do not love the way money is piling up for this one as it seems the wildcats are attracting a large handle of the bets. The first real test of the year for the Wildcats has them traveling to Missouri who is under new management. If you recall, the Wildcats trounced the Tigers last year which may call for additional momentum to the tigers. I’m not buying it. Neither team has played a decent team but I am riding with returning production yielding a top 15 team in the Kansas State Wildcats to handle business on the road against an SEC opponent. Besides, I don’t have it in me to back a team coached by a guy named Eliah Drinkwitz. Shabot and Shalom, brother. Wildcats move up the food chain, 38-20.

UNC -7.5 (1 unit): Find a dartboard. Close your eyes. Cock back and launch a fastball at the dartboard. Better chance at hitting bullseye than pinning down this UNC teams next move. I think this number is low due to last weeks tussle with App State who always manages to play big teams close, especially in state big brother, North Carolina. Can’t forget who this UNC team has at the helm in Drake Maye. It is tough to forsee the Tarheels next move but my crystal ball shows the Tarheels ramming the Gophers. 31-21.

All premium plays will be wrapped up prior to the night slate. Lock em in and enjoy your afternoon.


Rapid Fire Leans (0.5 units each):

Iowa Team Total over 34.5: I wanted to include this in my premium plays but I realized I would lose the majority of the small contingent of followers I do have if I dropped an Iowa over as a premium play. Although, you clowns are tailing me so maybe I overestimated the collective IQ of my followers to begin with. The Iowa Hawkeyes are a team we will be watching all year due to a peculiar amendment to the offensive coordinators contract. Kirk Ferentz is known for two things: inept offense and nepotism. Both of which forced Iowa’s administration in lighting a fire under the offensive coordinator’s ass. Kirk Ferentz son, Brian Ferentz, is required to average 25 points per game this season or he will be fired. Iowa has scored 24 and 20 points in two contests this season. Best believe big bad Brian is going to pump the stats when he gets the chance.

Colorado -23: Don’t want to talk about it.

Tennessee -5.5: Vegas continues to gift us points here as this line moves from 6.5 to 5.5. I’ve ben out on Florida since Graham Mertz committed. Not deterred by the Volunteers lackluster week 2 performance. Volunteers pace the Gators 27-13.

Kansas -28: Jalon Daniels is just getting warmed up after running the Illini out of town in his first game of the season. This Nevada team is bad. Lost 33-6 to the Idaho Vandals and 66-14 to USC. I think Kansas falls somewhere in between. Jalon Daniels 48 – Nevada Wolfpack 3.


Just trust me, bro.


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