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College Football Week 4

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Welcome to the fourth iteration of William Tickets College Football Weekly Locks where Bill has opened up a sizeable lead on the haters and losers of the world even after a lackluster week 3. Tickets looks to get back to winning ways with a profitable week 4:


Week 3 Summary:

Premium Play Record: 2-2 (0 units)

2 sharp picks mixed with 2 square picks. Penn State beat up Luke Altmyer soundly while UNC managed to maintain the cover late. Both picks were sharp as a tack but canceled out by a couple public Joe bets in Florida State and Kansas State.

Leans: 1-3 (-1.5 units)

First negative slate of the year for Bill Tickets. Iowa’s OC quite literally coaching for his job saved us from going 0-4 as he went for it on fourth down in positive territory up 30 with 3 minutes go. Gotta love it.  

Premium Play Overall Record: 14-7

Leans Overall Record: 5-6

Combined Overall Record: 19-13

Week 2 Highlights: Penn State pretty good. Florida State dealt with a perfect storm. They will be okay. UGA is not that good, they may stub their toe this year despite one of the easiest schedules in football. Bama….. yikes. Eliah Drinkwitz. Tennessee will be lucky to see 8 wins. Mike Gundy era in Stillwater, OK might be coming to an end.


Week 3 Premium Plays:

Florida State ML (3 units): Lay the -130 or whatever it is. Lay the -2 if you want to. Don’t think it will matter. Yes, Florida State struggled to take down a middling Boston College team who struggled against an FCS team the week prior. No, I am not worried about it. This game was 31-10 early in the 3rd quarter. After a Seminole fumble on the 20 yard line and a full autistic recovery of an onside kick the Golden Eagles clawed their way back in and the Red Bandana Game took over. I believe this was a perfect storm of a game between Boston College choosing Florida State to break out the Red Bandana uniforms, the hurricane barreling down on Boston, and the Florida State football team being dragged down by Tallahassee degeneracy with the majority of the team contracting the flu. I choose to believe all of the rumors as to why Florida State did not win by 45. Enough about last week, lets look to the Clemson Tigers. Good defense, bad offense. Although they lost a couple key pieces on the defensive front, their defense as a whole ranksinside the top 10 in the nation. Should note they have played Spencer Rattler, FAU, and Charleston Southern (Georgia would be proud of that schedule). Cade Klubnik cracks under pressure and Will Shipley is really the only efficient offensive player. I think this matchups plays in to Florida State’s favor who yields one of the best offenses in football, a top 5 defensive line in college football, and linebackers who literally can’t do shit but stop the run. Specifically look for Jared Verse to abuse Clemson’s right tackle, Blake Miller. Do yourself a favor and lookup a picture of this guy and then tell me you would like to bet on Clemson. Florida State takes care of business against a team that will finish eh season ranked in the top 15, 34-24. If you're a loyal follower you empty on this puppy.

Ole Miss/Bama over 55 (1 unit): As I was researching the above pick I saw this number absolute pop off the page, find its way in to my brain, and proceed to mind fuck me. Jalen Milroe is back and I’m assuming he’s pissed. I would be too if I got benched for Walmart Jackie Chan and hillbilly Ty Simpson. Yes, Alabama is going to try to RTDB. Problems is, Kiff Daddy don’t play that shit. Ole Miss is going to force Bama to move the ball down the field. Texas has a way better defense than Ole Miss and they let Milroe hang 24. Ole Miss on the other hand gave up 20 to Tulane’s backup QB and 23 to Georgia Tech. Give me the over here.

Duke -21 (1 unit): I hate big spreads. I hate big spreads. I hate big spreads. Riley Leonard. Duke -21. This may be square but lets recap UConn’s last 3 games: Lost 24-17 at home to FIU (FIU sneaky not bad), Lost 35-14 at Georgia State (GSU sneaky not bad), Lost 24-14 at home vs NC State (Again, not the worst). Unfortunately for UConn, Duke is far better than all 3 of the aforementioned teams and have covered 21 in all three of their games including routs over Northwestern and Clemson. Blue Devils put UConn in their own version of hell, 38-14.

West Virginia +6 (1 unit): WVU starting QB questionable. If he plays this number is a joke. Tough sledding for the Mountaineers moving the ball as of late but their defense has helped them out. Texas Tech traveling to Morgantown with aabove average run game and lackluster defense will not be enough to cover the 6 even if the backup WVU QB NiccoMarchiol takes the opening snaps. IF Garret Greene plays, WVU guns down the Red Raiders in broad daylight, 24-21. If its NiccoMarchiol, WVU keeps it between the number with a 21-17 loss.

Tennessee -21.5 (2 units): Will not watch 1 second of this game but I love the Volunteers. UTSA 38 year-old (estimated) QB Frank Harris is out for the Road Runners and Tennessee just got skullfucked by Money Mertz (that’s a joke). UTSA gave up nearly 300 yards on the ground last week to Army. I like Tennessee to get back on track for a 7-5 season and pull in the second half. Volunteers lap the Road Runners, 45-10.

UNC -7 (1 unit): If you’re getting 7.5, buy the half. I should just copy and paste my write up on UNC from last week. Journeyman Phil Jurkovec has struggled at ND, Boston College, and now is dragging Pitt down with him as well. ‘King Jurk’, as they call him, has a steller 4 TD’s and 3 INT’s through 3 games and couldn’t move the ball at all against WVU. Give me UNC 31-13.


Leans (0.5 units each)

SMU/TCU under 63: I look at this game and think whatever the total points is, it’s not enough. Surface level it screams 49-45 type of game. Take the under. TCU ahs allowed 19 points (to inferior teams) since week one where they got their doors blown off by C*lorado. SMU on the other hand managed to hold an offensively inclined Oklahoma team to just 28. I think TCU clamps down at home, 31-17.

Ole Miss +7: I think Alabama will garner a large handle of public bets off name brand /situation alone. I’m rolling with the Rebels because they can score and Alabama cannot. Ole Miss keeps it within the number in a shootout, 35-31 Bama hangs on.

Wazzou +3: RIP The Pirate, Michael Charles Leach. This ones for you. Cameron Ward leads the Cougars in the air and on the ground. He has tossed for 1,000 yards, 9 tuds, and 0 turnovers through the air and accumulated another 2 TD’s on the ground. DJ U has not hit his stride yet against inferior opponents. Give me the Cougars to cover the 3 in a shootout. Also like the over 58.5.

Kansas State -3: Bounce back against the bounce house boys. Kansas State rights the ship in

conference play. 31-24.

Notre Dame +3: Irish at home against the Buckeyes. Somehow the entire Buckeyes staff is on the hot seat. Kyle McCord can't hang with Sammy He12man. Irish win outright 31-24.

App State/Whoever the fuck Over 43: I will never add App State to the premium played in my life unless they play a P5 top 25 school. They fight out of their weight class. What can I say. Good news for us: they score and they literally do not give a fuck on defense. Over.

PennState -14:

The first and only time i have called for the number. Buy to 14. 14. 14. 14. Need 14. Must have 14. I like State College as a team. I love Brian Ferentz in a trash tone situation given his contract. Beware of the back door. State wins 34-24.


I love this slate. Say a prayer for the Noles. There will be no Week 5 write up if Florida State loses because there will be no more William Tickets.




William Tickets

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