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College Football Week 2 Picks

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Week 1 of College Football is in the books… Gamblers are flying blind at the beginning of the college football season now more than ever since the introduction of the transfer portal. In the past I have been the guy who finds a new college football lock every time I opened the book resulting in 23 plays any give Saturday. Through 7 days of college football I am a changed man, logging just eleven pre-kick bets and two live bets. Setting a blistering pace with a record of 10-4 and collecting 9 units along the way (largely hinged on Florida State ML). Heading in to week 2 of college football, I am looking to slow it down even more with only two pre-kick bets (so far) heading in to the weekend.

Kansas -3 (2 units): Kansas gets their starting QB back after back stiffness sidelined him week 1. Through 5 weeks in 2022, Jalon Daniels brought energy levels to the University of Kansas typically reserved for March. Daniels took to twitter earlier in the week to announce his starting position and call on the Jayhawk faithful to ‘Pack the Booth’ this Friday night as Luke Altmyer and unsuspecting Illinois Fighting Illini fresh off a dog fight with Toledo come to town. In 2022, Kansas reached their first bowl game since 2008 despite Daniels missing 4 games with an injury. They returned 91% of offensive production and 80% of defensive production from their historic 2022 team. Illinois touts a new QB, new DC, and new OC who don’t seem to be on the same page. Although their defense has garnered preseason recognition, a healthy and experienced Jayhawks offense is going to have Altmyer contemplating an Ivy league school for his next transfer destination. 31-17 Jayhawks.

That took way too long… Going to speed this up a little.

Notre Dame -7.5 (1 unit): Sam Hartman looks great, the RB looks great, the offensive line looks great. NC State is coming off a WWE style… checks notes… Tik-Tok star boxing match… NC State is coming off a entanglement with UConn reminiscent of a set of twins fighting over their Mom’s tit. They just are not good at the game of football. Notre Dame rolls 38-10.

ADDITION (9/8 at 1:17pm)

It is Friday, September 8, 2023 at 1:17 pm and I am feeling frisky after a couple beers at lunch.Enter FAU -4.5 (1 unit): FAU vs Ohio is going to be a tough game to watch without some skin in the game as neither team looked great battling their respective cupcake last week. Ohio is visiting sunny south Florida after a tango with the Long Island Sharks in which the quarterback tossed 3 interceptions as they hastily hung 27 points. More importantly, the starting quarterback went down with concussion symptoms and is questionable for this contest. FAU has the best athlete on the field in Casey Thompson and is among the nations leaders in returning production, specifically on the defensive side of the ball. Even if the starting quarterback for Ohio does take the field, I have to imagine FAU fields a better secondary than whatever slapdicks LIU sent out there last week. Owls Soar. 42-27.

Losing steam… Going to give you a couple leans here that I am telling myself I will stay away from but likely won’t have the self restraint. (0.5 units each)


Florida State -31: I know nothing about Southern Miss and I am slightly concerned about a hangover game but the DLine should rack up 12 sacks and Keon Coleman should catch 6 tuds before the half. Disclaimer: I absolutely will be playing this and probably throwing 2 units on it. Go Noles.

ADDITION (9/8 at 1:31pm)

Florida State/Southern Miss over 53: This bet has nothing to do with my allegiance to the Florida State Seminoles. However, they do have the nations longest streak of scoring 35+ points against far better competition than Southern Miss. You can tally a minimum 42 from the Seminoles and look the a mobile Southern Miss quarterback to string together a competent drive or two late.

Nebraska +3: I hate it. I hate it. I absolutely hate it. Terrible terrible bet. Colorado rolls by two scores. I mentally cannot bet on Jeff Sims after what I watched last week against Minnesota. I can’t do it. I will not do it. Checks twitter… “There is now more cash on Colorado spread than the spread for all 32 NFL teams, per Dave Mason of Bet Online.AG”… Fuck it.. Nebraska +3.

Kansas State -16.5: Line might be a little rich but they are another team returning a ton of production. Troy gave up 30 points to SFA last week. Give me the wildcats in a track meet. 57-31.

Virginia Tech -3: Purdue visiting Tech. Enter Sandman. Purdue off a loss to Fresno State trying to replace Aiden OConnel ( I think that’s his name) at QB. Tech 24-17.

Miami +4: Seems everyone is piling on TAMU and I don’t blame them. Miami sucked last year and not much changed within their roster. Year 2 of Cristobal. Roster is solid from a talent perspective. I think they bounce back this year after a fluke 2022

Texas/Bama Under 54: Bama here to play hardnose defensive football, run the damn ball on offense with a QB that can’t throw the ball. Under please. Thank you.


I will track record starting this week but I am counting my 10-4 week 1. Just trust me, Bro. 


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