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Conference Championship Week - Spo Spo

Last Week: 7-0 (Clean Sweep) +11.87u

Update: Not much to talk about here really, just getting back to being my old self. Clean sweeps ain"t nun to me. We run it back this weekend. It's not how well you play the game, it's how long you stay in the game.

DISCLAIMER: Joel Klatt and Cuck Herbstreit, look out. You're on the verge of a Hitler/Himmler dynamic here. Your bullshit narratives will not be accepted in this country of WINNERS. Go toot that "FSU Is Bad" horn somewhere else. If you win, you're in. Next question.


Louisville TT u22.5 vs FSU (3u) -110

Is this actually a joke? FSU has arguably the best DLine and secondary in the country, and you want me to believe this unproven Louisville team can hang 21+ on the Noles? This is the same defense that held LSU, maybe the best offense in the country with 3 1st round raft picks, to 17 points before subs came in? Give me a break. Mr. Clean aka Adam Fuller had doubts around him before this season for sure, but those doubters should be silenced by now. Kudos to you, Adam. Noles roll 23-21.


Alabama +8.5 vs UGA (2u) -150

Yes, we're sipping juice this week. Either get used to it or check between your legs and let me know if something is dangling there. Bama was in a clear look-ahead spot last weekend against Auburn, which I contribute to their sub-par performace. This UGA team is overrated, and this Bama team has been HOT. Back Bama here, even if they lose, I see a 31-24 type of affair. Could go either way.


Washington +11.5 vs Oregon (3u) -135

Maybe I'm the only dumbass that thinks Washington can hang in this game? Two things for me: 1) Bo Nix is a mortal mental midget in big time/clutch time moments and 2) how good can a Pac-12 team really be? You're trying to convince me that Oregon is a legit top 3 team in the country? Not sayinng never, but I'll say I will believe it when I see it. The Huskies are no powerhouse themselves, but give me them to cover. 35-24 Ducks. We snag the hook.


Michigan TT u28.5 vs Iowa (2.5u) -125

Look, I do think Michigan is actually pretty decent, and JJ McCarthy is better than purported, but Iowa man? Those kids didn't stop drinking breast milk until they were 5 years old! Those are some homegrown fellas. I don't know about you, but I've heard a bit about those pro-hormones and shit in titty milk. I'm gonna bet that those corn-fed, milk guzzling, Paul Bunyan type freaks are tough to move around, especially against an offense that isn't ELITE. I'll take the under here.


Other Notes

- Staying away from that Texas game, sketches me the fuck out

- Can add Iowa +23.5 -120 for 1u if you're frisky, I like them to cover as well

- Sorry for the lack of picks, I'd rather give less picks that I'm more confident about than spew TOTAL bullshit


EDIT: Bonus Bet: Keon Coleman 047.5 Rec Yard -110 (FSU)

Is Vegas deadass? The best receiver in the country wont get 50 yards in the most important game of the season? After a game where he had 1 catch??? I know there's some supposed "wiseguys" out there, but Jesus H, this should be a welfare plan deal. Unload as many units as you have on this. Mortaliest of the mortals here


Degen Sweat Parlay: Washington +15.5/Bama +11.5/Iowa +26.5 +245 (1u)


Eat the juice this week and tug your sack, Vegas doesn't miss on big games like these. Hope the Noles win and it's championship sex galore in Charlotte. One can dream.

Happy Betting,

- Spo Spo Bulldog

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